5 temples you can’t miss in Egypt

5 temples you can't miss in Egypt

I’m sure you have heard a lot about ancient Egypt and perhaps you have this huge curiosity about this North African Country. Let me tell you, is amazing, once you are there, you feel that you are in another time. All the knowledge you already have about this historical place emerge and all the famous […]

10 things you must do in Marrakesh. First-Timers

10 datos que debes conocer antes de viajar a Marruecos

It’s your first time in Morocco? Find out the 10 thing you must do in Marrakesh. Morocco is a beautiful country you’ll truly love. Magical, colorful, enigmatic, a little chaotic, imperfect and for that reason amazing! My first time there was so magic and lovely, I enjoyed every moment of it. I went in winter, […]